about me

I'm Leif Sahyun, a Software Engineer at Alegeus and an alum of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Class of 2020. I love all kinds of technology, but I am particularly fond of robots and distributed systems. Some of the projects I've worked on in those areas can be found on my academic projects page, and my resume can be found here.

On the academic projects page, you can also find summaries of the two major projects I worked on at WPI, my IQP and my MQP. I traveled to London for my Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP), where I worked on a team to enhance community engagement in the London Borough of Hounslow before, during, and after emergencies. In my Major Qualifying Project (MQP), I worked with a team to design a robotic Firefighting Remote Exploration Device to assist firefighters in exploring dangerous burning buildings.

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, juggling, and tabletop roleplaying games. This site's blog will have mostly tech-y DIY project posts, but if you like D&D or other RPGs, you might want to check out my hobby-oriented blog at maginobi.net.


leif sahyun